GIFT London

Children at GIFT London

GIFT H.Q. is based at our Hendon office and houses the GIFT London’s education and volunteer teams and the small yet highly productive operations team.

Our London office can help you with the following:

GIFT Giving Hub

Exterior of the GIFT Giving Hub in London

Essentially it is a place of giving (hence the name)…

GIFT team members at the GIFT Giving Hub in London
GIFT team members at the GIFT Giving Hub in London
GIFT team members at the GIFT Giving Hub in London

To find out more information, please give us a call on 020 8457 4429 or email us at info@jgift.org

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GIFT Manchester

GIFT team members at GIFT Box in Manchester

Manchester - home of the first ever atom to be split, the place where Rolls met Royce, the city where the world’s first ever computer was built, 25 Manchester University students became Nobel prize winners and world famous for its football and its music, you might say that Manchester is special.

We think so too. The volunteers and students who work with the GIFT Manchester office helping and supporting those in the community that need support are simply… amazing.

The demand for GIFT services in Manchester has grown significantly over the last few years and the requests for education sessions from Manchester schools is at an all-time high.

Our Manchester office can help you with the following:

To find out more about GIFT Manchester activities please email manchester@jgift.org

The GIFT programme has been so beneficial to our pupils. It has reinforced the meaning of ‘giving‘ and ‘generosity‘ which is the founding principle of our faith. It has taught the pupils the value of cooperation and the bond of friendships. We cannot thank the GIFT Manchester team enough for their wonderful work.

Joshua Rowe, Chair of Governors, King David High School, Manchester

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GIFT Israel

Child and teenage volunteers at GIFT in Israel

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.

Ryunosuke Satoro

The GIFT Israel office epitomises this sentiment. Working in partnership with over 20 schools, charities and civic offices, the work undertaken by our small regional office creates a literal sea of activity.

Our GIFT Israel office, based in Jerusalem can help you with the following:

To find out more about GIFT Israel activities please email israel@jgift.org

It is hard to describe the many benefits my daughter received from the GIFT Camp… I would send her all year long if such a course existed and argue before the Ministry of Education to make it a required course for all children. What a different world we would live in.

Smadar Goldstein

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