Kindness Hacks

Kindness Hacks from Haazinu

25/09/20   It is nearing the end of Moshe’s life. On his last day on earth he delivers a powerful, 70 line song, to the Jewish people.Describing the Torah’s messages, one beautiful line of this poem...

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Kindness Hacks from Nitzavim/Vayelech

11/09/20   In 1888, the French press wrote an obituary about Alfred Nobel, inventor of dynamite, describing him as the ‘Tradesman of Death’. In actual fact Alfred remained very much alive, and it was...

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Kindness Hacks from Ki Tavo

06/09/20   In this weeks Parsha we learn of the mitzva of Bikkurim. Where rich and poor, would travel to Jerusalem and gift the first of their crops to the Priests in an elaborate ceremony.Interestingly, when the...

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Kindness Hacks from Ki Teitzei

27/08/20   It had been a long day with few customers. With a sigh the shopkeeper headed towards the shutters, wondering how long his business would survive. As he approached the window, a young man walked in, alone...

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Kindness Hacks from Shoftim

20/08/20   ‘I am your constant companion....Half the things you do you might just as well turn over to me, and I will be able to do them quickly and correctly....I am easily managed – you must merely...

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Kindness Hacks from Reeh

14/08/20   Shmitta year – a year rich with change. Farmers who worked tirelessly on their fields, do not touch their land. Debts owed, are cancelled. Slaves, are freed, and showered with gifts.It would be...

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