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We have many volunteering opportunities available. Many of our volunteers love giving so much they have become much needed regulars. Please browse the opportunities, we cannot express enough how incredible it feels to know you have given your time and effort to help someone and know that you are truly making a difference.


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For 15 years GIFT volunteers have been rescuing and redistributing kosher food to families in the community that require support.

Volunteering to help others that you do not know and do not know you is one of the highest forms of giving.

Start giving today…


Due to the emergency situation, normal packathons at the GIFT Giving Hub will now take place under a different format in order to minimise risk and still focus on supplying much needed food for families in need. Please contact info@jgift.org for more information.

It’s been amazing to volunteer for such an fantastic charity, because it has opened my eyes to see that we can’t take anything for granted and that simple food we don’t think about, can be such a struggle. It also showed me how 15 minutes of my day can change someone’s entire weeks living

Yoni Neumann, Volunteer

My week would be empty without GIFT! At the same time as doing a mitzvah we are having fun and that, I feel is the best part of it. Thanks you so much GIFT!

Tali Deacon, regular volunteer

If you would like more information about our packathons, please email volunteer@jgift.org


Car driving on road

Support parcel delivery

With over 330 households to deliver weekly food and support parcels to in London & Manchester, we need all the help we can get. Often picking up parcels on their way home from work or back from the gym, our volunteer support parcel delivery drivers make a huge difference to the families they are delivering to.

I feel good knowing something small I do every week means something big for someone else. It gives me sense of fulfilment that such a small deed can mean such a lot to some families

Sorole Lopian, GIFT Manchester Driver


Each week we have many requests from GIFT family members that need a little extra support.

Becoming an ad-hoc driver gives you complete flexibility - normally these are short, local journeys helping those that need someone trustworthy or for someone who struggles to pay for yet another taxi.

If you would like more information about volunteer driving opportunities, please email volunteer@jgift.org

Food Collection

The GIFT Box

We have a number of GIFT Boxes situated in kosher shops in London & Manchester, which shoppers generously fill with donated food.

When the boxes are full our volunteers go along to the shop and empty the GIFT Box. They then bring the food to either the warehouse in Hendon or the Manchester office in The Shrubberies.

That’s it - a simple, meaningful and very helpful way to give.

For more information about becoming a Volunteer GIFT Box Collector, please email volunteer@jgift.org

Helping Hand

Adult and child holding home shape

Our Helping Hand volunteers are very special, having already done a day of learning, they happily spend their free time volunteering. Going straight from school for an hour a week, giving their time to help families who are experiencing difficulties by visiting them in their homes and offering support and respite is a tremendously worthy and caring thing to do.

You will be supporting families or households who may be experiencing:

  • poor financial situation
  • difficulty managing children with special needs
  • a new born baby
  • being a single parent
  • being an elderly individual
  • caring for a family member with a disability

I began volunteering one afternoon for a young mother who needed some extra help with her baby… I needed no payment, just seeing the smile on the mothers face and seeing her a little less stressed was enough… I feel privileged every time I get the opportunity to help.

Helping Hand Volunteer

If you would like more information about Helping Hand volunteer opportunities, please email volunteer@jgift.org

Hospital Visiting

Volunteer with hospital patient

For 18+ only volunteers who have quite a bit of flexibility in their lives, this unique opportunity not only makes a huge difference to the beneficiaries but is a powerful giving experience.

GIFT’s Hospital Visiting Service is an amazing opportunity to do a true act of kindness. Not only are you brightening someone’s day, you are also making their relative’s lives just a little easier as visiting also offers them some respite and a chance to look after other children or do some shopping, freshen up and take care of other areas of life they can’t afford to neglect.

If you would like more information about GIFT’s Hospital Visiting Service volunteer opportunities, please email volunteer@jgift.org

GIFT Box Ambassador

Ambassador definition in dictionary

A fun yet vitally important volunteering opportunity from ages 4 - 84. Get some friends together, or arrange it with your youth group and take an hour out of your schedule to stand outside a local kosher shop inviting shoppers to buy an extra item of food to put in the GIFT Box.

With a growing number of households that are turning to GIFT for support, every item of food you encourage shoppers to buy for GIFT is an act of giving you are responsible for. Make a difference today!

For more information about being a GIFT Box Ambassador, please email volunteer@jgift.org


Adult being tutored

Becoming a GIFT Tutor means giving your time and experience to help a child from a struggling or disadvantaged family that needs a little extra support is a rewarding and fulfilling experience.

For more information about being a GIFT volunteer tutor, please email volunteer@jgift.org

Volunteering Awards

Gold star trophy

Duke of Edinburgh Award

GIFT has been participating in the DofE Award scheme for many years with hundreds of volunteers racking up hundreds of hours of volunteering with GIFT as part of the scheme. We are delighted to play a part in helping young volunteers achieve this outstanding and internationally recognised award.

Yoni Jesner Award

The Yoni Jesner Award, set up as a legacy and in memory of Yoni Jesner, 19 who was tragically killed by a suicide bombing on a bus in Israel in 2002. If you are in Year 7 or above, volunteering for GIFT for a minimum of 20 hours will get you this important award - important because it will show you care, that you want to give to others and are inspired by the actions of one individual who achieved more in his short years than many do in a lifetime.

Vinspired Award

Vinspired is the UK's leading volunteering matching charity for 14 - 25 year olds. Vinspired helps young people to make their mark on causes that they care about, whilst learning new skills and talents along the way. Make your good deeds count by totting up your volunteering hours for the Vinspired awards scheme.

For more information please email volunteer@jgift.org

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"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others "
Mahatma Gandhi